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Archaeology and History

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Dickon Perryman

Postgraduate Research


My research mainly focuses on the numismatic and monetary history of England and transoceanic trade across the North Sea in the Anglo-Saxon and early Norman periods. I am an associate comittee member of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles and Medieval European Coinage and FLA for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the South West.

I am currently focussing on minting in Exeter and satellite mints in the South West between the reigns of Alfred (871-899) and William II (1087-1100) for my PhD, which I started in 2022. I am a PTA based on the Streatham campus. My interests include the prosopography of moneyers and the metallurgy and iconography of coins, the development of Englands economy and numismatic historiography.

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