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Archaeology and History

Photo of Dr Steven Trick

Dr Steven Trick

Honorary Research Fellow


01392 723709


Having recently completed post-doctoral research on 12th century landscapes of conflict with Professor Oliver Creighton, I am currently an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Archaeology. I also work as a Training Specialist at Trimble Geospatial.

My research interests centre around spatial technologies, presently drone-based phodar and multi-spectral imagery generation and their use within archaeology. I am also interested in automated procedures for the manipulation and analysis of big data, and interfaces with the semantic web.

Recent Publications

Trick, S., Wright, D. and Creighton, O. 2016. Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. In D. Wright, and O. Creighton (eds), Castles, Siegeworks and Settlements: Surveying the Archaeology of the Twelfth Century, 105-116. Oxford: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd.

Creighton, O. & Wright, D.W. with Trick, S. and Fradley, M. 2016. The Anarchy: War and Status in 12th century landscapes of conflict. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

Wright, D.W., Creighton, O., Trick, S. & Fradley, M. 2016. Power, conflict and ritual on the fen-edge: the Anarchy-period castle at Burwell, Cambridgeshire, and its pre-Conquest landscape, Landscape History, 37:1, 25-50, DOI:10.1080/01433768.2016.1176434

Trick, S. 2015. A382 Drum Bridge to Whitehill Cross and Jetty Marsh Link: Woodland Evaluation (LIDAR). Steve Trick Archaeological Consultancy Report produced on behalf of SLR Consulting Ltd.

Trick, S. and Newcombe, C. 2013. The Neroche LiDAR Project. The Newsletter of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, Autumn 2013: 27-28. News Autumn 2013.pdf [Accessed 21.01.15]

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