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Photo of Dr Iain Watt

Dr Iain Watt

Honorary Professor


I graduated in medicine in 1966 from the London Hospital Medical College, now part of Queen Mary College, University of London. I subsequently underwent training in internal medicine before embarking on a career in Clinical Radiology.    

My main professional affiliation was to the Bristol Royal Infirmary, now part of the University Hospitals Bristol, as consultant radiologist but also as clinical senior lecturer to the University of Bristol and visiting Professor to the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at the University of the West of England.  During this phase of my work I was a founder member and subsequently President of the British and European Societies of Skeletal Radiology as well as a member of the International Skeletal Society.  I was also committed to training and standards in Clinical Radiology becoming Registrar of the Royal College of Radiologists, Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Radiology and subsequently Vice-President of the Royal College.  In 2002 I took a career change and worked in the Leiden University Hospital for six years as a senior medical specialist and visiting professor of radiology.   

Throughout my professional career my main interest was of the musculoskeletal diseases.  I have over 200 publications in the refereed literature the vast majority of which relate to joint disease, osteoarthritis in particular.  I have an equal number of conference lecture abstracts of proffered papers as well as invited and named lectures.  

However, I was privileged to meet and work with the outstanding Dr. Juliet Rogers whilst in Bristol who introduced me to the fields of human osteology and palaeopathology; subjects which have held my interest and fascination ever since.  Once retired from Clinical Radiology I was admitted to the Master’s programme in Bioarchaeology in the University of Exeter under the outstanding tutelage of Professor Chris Knüsel.  I graduated with an MSc in Bioarchaeology with Distinction in 2014.

My present role is as an Honorary Professor in the College of Humanities, University of Exeter and also as Research Associate with Oxford Archaeology.  

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