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Archaeology and History

Photo of  Claudia Wingrove

Claudia Wingrove

Postgraduate Research


Claudia Wingrove started her PhD in 2023 under the supervision of Prof Alan Outram and Dr Laura Evis. Claudia is developing a multi-methodological approach to recording and assessing complex disarticulated human burials in forensic and archaeological contexts. The use of a micro-CT scanner, SEM and EDS shall support her research into taphonomic histories and fracture history profiles to enhance bone reattribution and identification. Four variations of ‘bone zones’ shall be created using ArcGIS during the data collection stage, following the analysis of fracture and fragmentation patterns from four complex archaeological and forensic assemblages. The development of a numerical scoring method alongside an adaptable digitised recording sheet shall present a revised standardised protocol toward the handling, identification and processing of disarticulated human remains.

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